Bangladesh that is outside of ‘Bangladesh’!

Ever wondered if there could be another place where you can go on tour? Frankly, there is a place in Europe called Bangladesh. This is the name of a district of Armenia. The name of this country is not yet available on the map of the world, but will soon be available. So far the name of the district is ‘Malatia sebastia’. Whatever the name of the institution, it is known to everyone as Bangladesh. It is important to keep in mind that the capital city of Armenia and the name of the largest city is ‘Yerevan’. 88 percent of the people are known as ‘hai’ and do not say Armenians. Because they are ethnic ‘people’ nation. That is, in Armenia it is very common to have a common and official name of the same subject. And the common name given to them by Armenians is more important.

The reason for the naming of this district is not known properly. However, after the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, Armenians named it Bangladesh. Since then, the name of this place is known as Bangladesh. Again it is also thought that there may be links to the causes of its naming with the history of Bangladesh’s Armanitola in Dhaka. Because Armanitola is named after Armenians.

A beautiful district is a district of Bangladesh. Like our country, this district is surrounded by green forests. Knowing a place that is going to go? The name of the place you can write in the list of your travels.

All you have to do in order to go: Armenia will have to go by the plane. The 30-minute route to the capital, Yerevan, is ‘Malatia sebastia’. But nobody will recognize this name by bus. You will say you will go to Bangladesh! And the experience of going to Bangladesh outside a Bangladeshi country will surely be very good, is not it?



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