Kids Camp held in Gazipur

In Bangladesh, playgrounds are disappearing and so is the time spent outdoors by children. They are spending alarming times behind electronic gadgets and severely lack in social skills. Lacking in physical activities, they are decreasing in good health, ability to get along with others, thinking and problem solving skills, a good self-concept etc.

Keeping these in mind, for the second time, TripZip Tours has successfully conducted “Kids Camp”, an event aimed at solving the lack of physical activity among elementary children and getting them in touch with a sense of life that is larger than one’s self

The camp was held for three days from 26 December to 28 December, 2017 at the National Training Institute for Bangladesh Scout in Gazipur, which was filled with enthusiastic kids of 8-12 years old from different schools of Dhaka City, looking forward to something new and exciting. A total of nine tailor made sessions were created to engage the children at every step and tingle their senses. The sessions included a Movie Show, Magic Show, Treasure Hunting, a Parents Session, 2 crafting sessions, an Art Session and a session on Bangladesh. Also several small activities such as Story Writing and Telling, Kite-Making and various sports were also held. Most importantly, this time kids were involved in different team building sessions.

Altogether, the event was a huge success with both the parents and the children who were left wanting more at the end of the camp. The parents expressed their satisfaction with the camp and were full of praises about the initiative. They were glad their children finally unplugged from technology, developing lifelong social skills and spending their day being active while the children were glad to make new friends and to live in a cabin; a new experience for most

TripZip Tours, aiming to be a one stop hub for not only tourism, but also exciting activities and experiences for the novelty seeking souls in Bangladesh, has once again successfully hosted an event which aims to increase the outdoor activity among the people of Bangladesh



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