Separate beach for women in Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach is the most popular tourist center of Bangladesh. Walking through numerous tourists, this beach is not thought of without any anniversary or year-end or any festival of the year. Not only to Bangladeshi people, the world’s longest beach is also very popular with foreigners. This popularity fades away from some clutter groups who are teasing women day after day. Recently the allegations increased further.

District administration’s executive magistrate Saiful Ashraf Joy took over the responsibility of Cox’s Bazar tourism and protocol division for just two months. He came to the ground to eliminate these allegations that came incessantly. 13 eve-teasers were brought to justice through mobile courts. But it is difficult to ensure the safety of so many public beaches on the beach. These are so terrible that women from the bottom of the water at the tide of the sea gives women tourists up to the neck!

There are separate swimming zones on the beach for women all over the world. It would be a good solution to save women tourists from such embarrassing situation. Saiful Ashraf Joy is motivated to make a specific zone. Deputy Commissioner said the overall supervision of the work. Ali Hossain also said. In continuation of this, 100 meters of beach along with the Hotel Seagal at Sugandha Point of Cox’s Bazar has been declared as the private zone of women. This is the first such initiative in Bangladesh.

Magistrate Saiful Ashraf Joy said that arrangements for creating such reserved zones are also being organized for foreign tourists. Work already started in Teknaf Subrang and Sonadia. It is thought to be preserving the sea beach along the Shoybal Hotel. Cox’s Bazar Tour Operator Association gave their suggestions. But the decision has not yet come.

Asked about how strong the safety of the coastal women’s zones would be strengthened, Saiful Ashraf said that there will be four life guards, two women and two men, who will be present here for full-time security. In addition, there will be a security guard and defender.

The question is whether women can do camping if you want to swim? For any man or woman, no one is allowed to camp on the beach, said the young magistrate.

Do women’s separate zones limit their beach enjoyment? No, not so. They will be able to visit the entire Cox’s Bazar beach. Everywhere Bangladesh Tourist Police will stand beside their problems. But the 100 meters of the place is their own. There will be no question of disturbing, so there will be no question of complaint, he said.
Security zone was inaugurated on 4th of this month. The women who wander around alone or just want to wander around with friends, do not worry about the safety and security of travelers. This way, our beaches will be able to provide all the facilities of international travel by day .



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