Smoking on the beach prohibited in Thailand

Thailand has prohibited smoking in 24 sea beches of the 15 coastal provinces, including popular beach beaches, Phuket, Koh Samui and Krabi.

Bannerak Sarmathang, director of the country’s Marine and Coastal Resource Department (DMCR), said: “Since February 1, smoking and cigarette have been banned from the beach.”

‘If someone wants to smoke, he must go to a specific area for smoking. It can not be smoked on the beach, “he said.

For those who disobey this restriction, one million baths (Thailand’s coin) or $ 3,166 will be penalized for them. Or else in 1 year of imprisonment. Bannarak said that the law breakers will be warned by not giving punishment at the beginning. However, no specific information was given about how long this relaxation period of law will prevail, and from which day breaking law will mean the fine will be applicable.

But smokers do not have to be completely frustrated. The Tea-M beach in Fatachaburi island of West Thailand has been designated for smoking in 50 intervals of 5.5 kilometers. Many more smoking zones will be set up in the future, said Vice-Mayor of Tea-M Municipality.

Since November, smoking restrictions have been issued on trial basis. The final decision came.



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