The Flag Girl is Hosting Shakrain/ শাকরাইন 

In a Facebook post Priota Farelin Iftekhar  who is also known as “The Flag Girl” informed that their group is going to host Shakrain Festival at 14th January 2018. The announcement given by the group is below:

“Whoever is interested to join Shakrain please inform soon. My house has the capacity of 200 guests. Tickets for each of you lovely ladies will be 300 tk , with each ticket you can bring another guest ( mom , friend, sister , children, bhabi etc ) . With each ticket you will get 150tk eating coupons .

Venue of the Event

Rest of the ticket price will go to the fund of making passports for 10 underprivileged girls. If anyone wants to give stalls of food or products, inform me soon. Tc ”

You can contact “The Flag Girl” via Facebook group.




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