You can easily get citizenship in 7 countries

Getting citizenship from one country to another is a bit of a problem. In many countries, the citizens of other countries are not given the opportunity to stay firmly. Considering that being in another country is like a dream. But many people in this world do not have enough time to get citizenship. You can not get birth in all the countries, but you can get citizenship. The legal process is fairly straightforward. Take a glance at which countries have the golden opportunity to have a chance.

Belize: You can also become a citizen of this country near the eastern coast of Central America. To become a citizen of this country, any person has to stay for five years in this country. And the bank account has to be 2 thousand dollars. The only condition is that parents of children born in a country that have a conflict with the Belize would not get citizenship.

Ecuador: For being Ecuadorian citizens, there is a requirement of $ 1,000 in the bank. In addition, the person has to give proof that he has not been involved in any criminal activity in the past.

Panama: After five years in the country, one medical test to give. Which is to be renewed five years later.

Paraguay: $ 5,200 will be deposited in any bank of Paraguay. After three years, we have to wait. Then submit the application for citizenship. After checking everything, the administration will give citizenship.

Macedonia: If you are interested in business, you can get even less than one year of citizenship. But yes, we’ll have 4 million euros.

Hungary: Hungary has promised to revive the economy. Within two months, a business can get citizenship of this country. The government fund will have to deposit 3 million euros.



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